Childrens Martial Arts (Ages 8-12)

At Cosens Martial Arts, our Children’s Program is designed to help your little ones grow and develop in all areas of their lives. They will not only become physically stronger, but also emotionally, socially, and intellectually. And the best part is, they’ll have fun while doing it! Martial Arts training will give them the confidence and courage to tackle challenges, and will help them to think harder and smarter.

We use the Black Belt Success Cycle to help your child set and achieve their goals. They will learn the importance of deciding what they want, making a plan, having a support system, and taking consistent action. And as they progress, they will review their progress, renew their goals, and stay motivated.

At Cosens Martial Arts, our instructors are here to support and encourage your child on their journey. Whether their goal is to earn a Black Belt or simply to have fun, we will be there to help them every step of the way. And even after they reach their goal, we will continue to be their success coach and inspire them to set new goals and take their training to the next level.

We teach our students to apply the Black Belt Success Cycle in their daily lives. First, they must determine their aspirations, be it to earn a degree, secure a job, or start their own business. They then create a plan of action to reach their goal, such as listing out the steps to earning a degree, enrolling in school, and dedicating time for studying.

Having a “success coach” is crucial in achieving one’s aspirations. This person is a support system who helps the student through their journey, both the highs and lows. The key to success is being consistent and persistent in taking action toward their goal. Regularly reviewing their progress and renewing their goals helps keep them motivated and focused.

Completing the Black Belt Success Cycle at Cosens Martial Arts is made simple with the guidance of our instructors. Our goal is to help each student stay focused on their aspirations and ultimately earn their Black Belt. But, the study of martial arts doesn’t end there. We continue to be their success coach, encouraging them to set new goals and take their training to new heights.